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Curated Storefront/Artist Talks - Summit Live 365

 "Four local and regional artists with artwork featured in the Curated Storefront project in downtown Akron, including Akron Soul Train artist fellows, will each give short artist talks about their work and artistic process." 

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Subverting Propaganda with Blackout Poetry - Summit Live 365

"Led by Akron Soul Train’s March fellow, Gabe Gott, participants will gain a history of Blackout Poetry, write their own poems and share with the group." 

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Akron Soul Train artists' village adds three more artists to 2017-18 fellowship year -

 "AKRON, Ohio - Three additional artists have been added to the lineup in Akron Soul Train's second year of fellowships, putting the residential artists' village ahead of schedule." 

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Art notes: Arts Challenge winners to be announced Tuesday; more events this month -

"Photographer Stephen Tomasko was also selected as a fellow for this year, in addition to three part-time fellows including performance artist Danny Volk, installation artist Eva Kwong, and writer Gabe Gott."

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The Akronist - March 16, 2018

Gott Press founder and author Gabe Gott sits down for an interview with Chris Miller of The Akronist.

Z-TV's "The Lowdown" - March 22, 2018

Gott Press Founder and author Gabe Gott and Akron Soul Train Arts & Programming Manager Natalie Grieshammer sit down for an interview with Kiara from Z-TV's "The Lowdown" for an interview on Gabe's "Subverting Propaganda with Blackout Poetry" Workshop, held on March 10, 2018 at Compass Coffee in Akron.