Xennial, Coming Soon!

A short story collection by Gabe Gott

Named after the new lost generation, those who are too young to be Generation X but too Generation X to be Millennial (but who are supposed to somehow fit into one of those two groups anyways), Xennial is a collection of short fiction by (b. 1982) Indie Author Gabe Gott (Idiot Parade, Dispatches from the Information Age), written over the last decade (2008-2018). The set is divided into three sections: 1. Pop!, 2. Auto, and 3. Rejects. Pop! contains all brand new science fiction and dark humor stories; Auto contains the autobiographical stories that Gabe wrote after returning to Kent State in 2010, after a long hiatus, to finish his English degree; and Rejects contains some of his first stories ever written and originally published on his blog (between 2008 and 2011) and in his first book, his out of print short story collection, Tales from the Fringes (in 2013). Look for Xennial from Gott Press in 2019!

What is a Xennial, anyways?

New Titles Added

Gabe Gott's Back Catelog Now on Gott Press

Gott Press founder and author Gabe Gott's past four published books are now on Gott Press: his 2015 novel, Escapes, his 2016 flash fiction chapbook, The Ever-Present Moment, his 2017 poety collection, Live Organ Transplants, and his 2017 flash fiction chapbook, Dispatches from the Information Age.

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Idiot Parade by Gabe Gott

First Official Gott Press Release!


Idiot Parade is Gabe Gott's second collection of poetry. Many of the poems included were written during Gabe's March 2018 Akron Soul Train Fellowship and are a mix of blackout poetry and traditional free verse poetry. Out now!

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