Gott Press

Gott Press is a boutique publishing company founded in Akron, Ohio, by author Gabe Gott to publish original & unapologetic poetry & fiction.

About the Publisher

 In 2013, during his second semester of grad school, Gabe Gott, carrying on the punk/DIY ethos he picked up during his garage rock days, started off by self-publishing his first book, a short story collection (no longer in print) called Tales from the Fringes, many of the stories in which originally appeared on his fiction blog, which now functions as his author website. He enjoyed the process so much that he vowed to continue publishing his work this way. Since then, he has written & published a novel, Escapes/Out in the Garage (2014), two flash fiction chapbooks, The Ever-Present Moment (2016) and Dispatches from the Information Age (2017), and two poetry collections, Live Organ Transplants (2017) and Idiot Parade (2018), the latter of which he wrote during his March 2018 stint as the Akron Soul Train Artist-in-Residence. He has degrees in English from Kent State University and the University of Akron. His work has also been published in Insomnia & Obsession, The Cult, Literally Literally, The Devil Strip, and more. This is his first attempt at starting at starting a publishing company.

First Release

Gabe's poetry chapbook, Idiot Parade, written during his Akron Soul Train residency, is the first book officially published under under the Gott Press label. Look for more to come soon!